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Weekly Review in Pics (6/28-7/4)

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Vacation Bible School 

We took a group of neighborhood youth to the Vacation Bible School hosted by Calvary Baptist Church in St. Charles, IA.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with this!  Here are a few pics!

Youth Garden Club

Each Tuesday from 1pm – 3pm we work with a group of youth from the Evelyn Davis Park Summer Program in our Kid’s Explorer Garden.  This week we harvested the last of the peas before pulling the plants.  The kids ate the peas as fast as they picked them!  Only one youth expressed dislike of peas!  Check out the pics…

Summer Sustainable Series

We had no attendees for the adult Prairie class, but a great group of youth for the youth led cooking class!  Kudos to Amy Joens of Food Corps for coordinating and facilitating this!

Youth Entrepreneur Training Program

We are working to train 3 youth to create their own jobs.  This week we had a youth hit a tree stump with a brand new mower, bending the crank shaft, thereby totaling the mower.  We were able to turn this tragedy into a great learning experience for the young man thanks to the generosity of  Scott Dawson at Beaver Mower!  He donated a new engine for the mower AND taught the youth to install it!

Not only that, we able to purchase screen printed t-shirts for the youth to wear while participating in the program.  ArtForce Iowa did a great job on them!

We are still accepting new clients.  We take one time jobs or regular weekly service.  Services start at $25.00 for mowing & trimming.  Prices vary depending on location, size, grade, and obstacles to mow around.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Ralph at 515-991-2665

Forest Ave Community Orchard Update

We have been waiting for the lot to dry up as there has been excessive moisture and standing water in it since the week we planted (5/16)!

The excessive water has delayed the installation of the trellis, as all the post holes we dug have either collapsed in or been completely full of water since we dug them! We are praying for the rains to let up to allow the lot to dry out enough to construct the trellis sometime in July.

This week we were able to begin working on clearing debris from the alley lot we purchased. With the help of the youth from the Summer Youth Employment Program, we cleared 6 pick-up loads of brush and debris from the smallest part of the lot!  There is a lot of alley left to clear!

Upcoming Events:

Monday 7/6:

1 pm – Farm and Garden Curriculum Sifting Meeting – Cherry Glen Learning Farm (3989 NW 94th Ave, Polk City, IA)

Thursday 7/9:

6 pm Summer Sustainability Series (Backyard Chickens) – Cooperative Garden (1337 18th Street, DSM)

Friday 7/10:

1 pm – Fishing Club  (NLC Pond).  Meet at Evelyn Davis Park (1400 Forest Ave, DSM) at 12:30pm

Saturday 7/11:

2 pm – Cooking in the Garden. Making and Using Milk Kefir. Eric Underberg of Agri-Cultured Foods will be presenting on this subject!