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Queen of the Hive

The sun has been shining, the birds have been chirping, and the bees have been busy at work. As we opened up the hives to inspect them, we witnessed the bees hard work. Sadly, this work is not being done in the honey super, rather all of the building of honey comb is only happening in […]

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Busy Bees

Opening up the hives the other day, we found that that the hives were in pretty good shape. Even if they do not produce a lot of honey Ralph said they would survive the winter. There was no honey on the honey supers that we put in the other week, but there wasn’t a shortage […]

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Beekeeping – Through the Eyes of an Intern

Hello all! This summer we have an intern from Dordt College, named Cheyanne. She will be learning the basics of beekeeping. Throughout the summer, she will participate in all the hive checks and treatments of the bees, and write short snippets about what she has observed and learned. Here is her first post:   May […]

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