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We have kept two hives in our orchard and garden for years. They are great pollinators! We will use them for teaching two courses in Summer 2018 — Small Group Hive Inspection and Private Bee Hive Tour. Questions about beekeeping programs should be directed to our grant administrator.

Small Group Hive Inspection Course

Designed for beekeepers in need of a little technical assistance. Hands-on, monthly focus as follows. All small group inspections will be held on the second Saturday of the month: May 12, June 9, July 14, Aug. 11, 2018. You choose either 10 a.m. or noon. 

1.    May: Thorough inspection and documentation

2.    June: Perform a mite count and manage mites

3.    July: De-supering and extraction preparation

4.    August: Feeding, wrapping, winter preparation 

Cap: 3-4 students

Price: $50/4 sessions

Click the button below for a hands-on learning experience through 4 small group hive inspections and select either 10 a.m. or noon. Date of class: May 12, June 9, July 14, Aug. 11, 2018

Private Bee Hive Tour

This course is designed for non-beekeepers during June and July 2018. Are you bee-curious or want to overcome bee-fear? Hold one bee or hold hundreds of bees under the careful guidance of an experienced beekeeper. Jacket or veil and gloves will be provided. Photos from the experience will be included.

Cap: 2 adults

Meeting time: By appointment only. You will be asked to provide a few potential dates that would work for you.

Price: $30/1 hour

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