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2015 Cooking In The Garden Schedule

2015 Cooking in the Garden

Classes are Saturdays at 12:30 unless otherwise noted. Register at

These interactive classes are relaxed, & conversational with a focus on culinary techniques, recipes, & nutrition.

Classes will be hosted at the Forest Ave Outreach Cooperative Garden (1337 18th Street, DSM, IA 50314)

6/6/2015Tara Whitsitt – Fermentation on WheelsFermentation 101This class will begin at 2:30 -
6/13/2015Jamie Farrington - Upcoming ChefKnife Skills 101Bring your chef knife & cutting board to learn how to cut like a pro and you will cut the ingredients for the recipe he will be preparing.
6/20/2015Mary Krisco - ISU – Polk Co ExtensionLettuces – for more than just salads…ISU Polk Co Extension Office Nutritionist Mary Krisco will share some fabulous information and recipes with us! This is her third year with Cooking in the Garden!
6/27/2015Steve Bryce - Local Foodie & Undercover ChefStir FryLearn this basic method to cook stir fry and you veggies will be crispy and tender, retain their flavor and nutrition. Once you know the technique, you can customize it with any of your favorite veggies.
7/11/2015Eric Underberg - Agri-Cultured FoodsMilk KefirThis class will begin at 2pm - What is milk kefir? How to make & use it. Nutritional benefits.
7/18/2015Courtney Long - ISU Community Design LabGreen SmoothiesLearn to make nutrient dense green smoothies that taste delicious! We will have a bicycle powered blender on site to mix smoothies so you can burn the calories as you make it!
7/25/2015Leslie Marrs - Local FoodieRatatouille!Enthusiast and Foodie Leslie Maars will share a healthy & nutritious recipe using locally available, in season produce! This dish is great for using garden veggies and can be easily altered to create a multitude of flavor combinations!
8/1/2015Katie Porter - Executive Chef, Wallace CenterEnhancing Meals with Spices, Herbs, and VinegarsKatie will prepare a couple side dishes showing the techniques of using herbs and toasting spices.  Also how adding a splash of vinegar can brighten a dish.
8/15/2015Steve Bryce - Local Foodie & Undercover ChefGrillingSteve will demonstrate how to create a veggie pizza on the charcoal grill! Delicious!
8/22/2015Eric Underberg - Agri-Cultured FoodsCheese MakingThis class will begin at 2pm. Basics of home cheese making. Eric will walk us through making Skyr cheese and have many uses and samples for us!
8/29/2015Rebecca Chiodo - Unicorn Wife!Fermented SalsaMore tips and tricks on fermenting foods from the garden to preserve through the winter!