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Seed Resource Program


We are affiliated with Seed Savers of Iowa out of Decorah, IA.  We are a community resource for seed saving.  We participate in and host local seed swaps, provide classes saving seeds, and have tools such as sifters and isolation bags available for “check out” to persons within the community.  We are also working to establish a “seed bank”.

The Community Seed Resource Program (CSRP), in collaboration with Seed Matters and Seed Savers Exchange, supports local groups devoted to seed programs by providing resources to cultivate sustainability initiatives. The CSRP empowers the community through mentorship, seed exchange, and community seed toolkits to promote conservation efforts. From just a small handful of seeds we are able to grow and gather more seeds to share with family, neighbors, and young gardeners and farmers. Through seed swaps, community seed banks, and seed gardens, the long-standing tradition we’ve shared of growing food can be preserved and passed on to future generations. To learn more about the CSRP and their community seed initiatives, please visit them here.