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Youth Clubs


Each Wednesday we take a large van full of neighborhood kids to participate in the Awana program at Calvary Baptist Church in St. Charles, Iowa.  This program has proven beneficial to all involved.  The neighborhood kids enjoy the opportunity to get out of the city and interact with the country kids in a completely different, […]
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Youth Entrepreneurial & Employment Training

This program is designed for youth that are too young to legally hold a paying job. Gone are the days of paper routes and an opportunity for a 13 year old to earn some money. We have created the Youth Entrepreneurial & Employment Training Program as an outlet for these youth to learn, serve, and […]
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Guy's Night 4-H

On the fourth Tuesday of each month leaders meet with neighborhood boys in the guys’ garage.  They spend one to two hours working on some sort of fun “Guy Project” that either propels some sort of projectile, combusts, burns, or – maybe even – blows up when completed! Fun, SAFE, “Guy Stuff”.  The projects are […]
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Horse Club

TEACHING LIFE SKILLS THROUGH HORSEMANSHIP Youth Horse Club teaches interpersonal life skills through learning how to communicate with horses.  Animals, particularly horses, can connect with children in an almost magical way.  Horse club includes hippology, horsemanship, and a Bible lesson integrating the life skills.  If you enjoying horses and want to share that passion with […]
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Fishing Club

LET’S GO FISH Youth Fishing Club provides city kids with a chance to get out into nature and touch worms!  Forest Ave Outreach partners with Des Moines Parks and Recreation and Polk County Conservation’s Fish Iowa! Program, taking 24 kids fishing once a week throughout the summer.  This is one of the most rewarding experiences […]
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Gardening Club

Youth Gardening Club provides kids with their own garden plots for a start-to-finish food production experience.  Partnering with Des Moines Parks and Recreation to provide structured, hands-on, interactive gardening lessons to the youth who attend the summer program at Evelyn Davis Park.  The youth are able to plant, weed, maintain, harvest, and eat their own […]
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